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How to Prevent ‘Big Brother’ Watching? 

THE INTERNET - Big Brother is always watching you on the internet. That's why you need to take special precautions for your own safety.

Most of Internet users seem to be careless to their cyber security.

It is no longer a secret that Microsoft receives millions of reports that describe users activity in details.

They have access to browser history (even incognito mood is helpless here), all search requests and even our cameras.

Seems like your webcam is off? It still can be working and you have no clue about it.

It might seem like there is nothing special about your Internet activity, but at least it does not feel good when someone can see you staring at the screen with only your undies on.

This is why experts recommend all users get their VPNs and use them for every login.

Most of people are bothered with one single question: ‘How does a VPN work?’, and here’s an answer:

what is vpn

Get Started With a VPN

To start using any VPN – just download a distributive pack and install it at your device. There exist VPN application for computers, tablets and smartphones. Choose the right version based on your operating system. VPNs can be free or the ones you should pay for. Charges are relatively low and anyone can afford them. The difference between these VPN types is significant. Free applications provide only basic functions like dynamic IP while those at a cost provide a number of additional options like:

  • speed boost,
  • traffic control,
  • ad block,
  • brandmauer.


What is a VPN? This service works like a tunnel between computer and server. For instance, during your regular search, as soon as any address or search request is dialed – computer gets connected to that very server that holds the website you are looking for.

In case of working VPN – a signal is transmitted to a virtual server in ‘tunnel’ where all data get encrypted. Virtual server changes your IP address and only after that reaches a website. This is how users stay anonymous and protected.


Taking into consideration all written above we can say that VPNs make us completely invisible for spies, hackers and even silent services. Moreover, we get access to all content, even the one that is banned in our country. If you think nobody can be watching you as the most boring person alive – you are wrong. Check ads on websites you visit – they all meet your interests,

VPN grants us with new IP for every session and virtually takes us to different countries every time we log in.

Safety Warning

There exist a lot of fakes. So, before choosing your application – make sure that is the one to trust. Check its creation date and reputation among users. They often share their impressions on various forums. Avoid apps without users feedback or the ones that appeared recently. It is better to avoid risks when it comes to safety.


Above all, it is significant to take into account that no matter what methods you use online, if somebody — in particular if that ‘somebody’ is an international institution — wants to get their hands on your information, then they almost definitely will. However, using a VPN might make their work more difficult.

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