Fall In Love With Amman

JORDAN - Amman is not only the capital of Jordan, it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The city is believed to be relatively young in comparison to other cities of the Middle East but it has its own charm, and worth being visited.

It is easy to get to Amman because there is a very good international connection.

Even if there is no direct flight from your city, you are offered to choose one of the most convenient transfer flight options.

You might be surprised that some direct flights such as London to Amman flights are quite regular. Once you get to Amman, your journey begins.

Top Places To See In Amman

  • Citadel. One of the most popular places in Amman is the place known as Citadel. This breathtaking site located on the highest hill. This is where the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace are situated. Locals say that every year thousands of tourists come here every day to enjoy the beauty of the nature and explore architectural masterpieces.
  • Roman Theatre. The second most popular site in Amman is the Roman Theatre, which is also an impressive remnant of Roman architecture. The theatre is located on the hill and has around 6000 seats. Tourists, who adore taking photos, usually come here in the morning when the light is right. Archeologists are convinced that the theatre was built in the 2nd century AD but it was restored in 1957. Even though modern materials were used to refresh the look of the construction, it is still impressive and beautiful. What is more important is that concerts sometimes are held there in summer.
  • Jordan Museum. If you love history, you should definitely visit the Jordan Museum. The museum is said to be one of the best museums in the Middle East, and for a good reason. It is placed in a nice and modern building, and presents information in interesting and modern displays. The design of displays makes the old historical facts look modern and advanced. The museum tells about first people, their culture and how it was progressing. There are upstairs and downstairs galleries, but some of them might be closed for renovation. Before visiting the museum make sure that they are opened.
  • Darat Al Funun. Fans of contemporary art are recommended to visit Darat Al Funun. It is a cultural paradise located, just like many things in Amman, on the hillside. There is a wonderful art gallery that displays works of modern artists. Cultural workshops, various forums and other events are also frequently arranged in Darat Al Funun. You can easily check the schedule of all events on the Internet. Near the main building of museum tourists can find an old Byzantine church. If you are planning to visit Darat Al Funun, it is easier to get there on foot.

People who have visited Jordan and Amman, in particular, claim that it is a must-see city.

Include the city of your must-visit place and you will get a lot of new impressions and emotions.

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