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Exploring the Wonderful Eastern European Music Imports to the UK

LONDON - England - With the massive influx of Eastern Europeans and Russians into the UK since 1997, the whole of the country seems to have changed culturally and musically.

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Since 1997 when Labour won the General Election, and Tony Blair decided to let in over 40 million Eastern European migrants into the UK, things have changed a lot in Britain, not only culturally but musically.

If you are unfortunate enough to live in London, most of the language you will hear today is Eastern European. So much so, that many British children are now nearly fluent in most languages from the Balkan countries and Eastern Europe. It is quite normal now for little Johnny, to come home and swear at you in Romanian or Polish, leaving you baffled and slightly concerned.

As the High Street has also changed with many Eastern European shops selling their delicious wares of Ogórki kiszone, Pacha (Head cheese, pig’s heads, primarily the ears, legs, genitals and tongue), pickled fruit, and deep fried milt (Romanian dish called Lapti, consists of the sperm of carp, deep fried in batter), so have the British culinary tastes.

Not only are most Eastern Europeans, very nice people if you get to know them, they also do have a rather violent streak and little or no sense of humour.

It is the taste in music of the everyday Eastern European which does leave a rather bad piquancy to the auditory palate, because wherever you go in London, you will hear their music blaring out, either from their souped up EU registered vehicles, which are immune to any British traffic laws, and are usually uninsured, but the high decibel Balkan Slav rap music can be truly offensive to the ear blaring out from their rented homes and brothels.


This sort of noise pollution is a mere symptom of mass unfettered migration, and if you do tell the man/woman gently to turn it down a decibel or two, you are likely to be stabbed violently in the liver.

The Eastern Europeans, are however a jolly lot when they get together in the evenings. Where, at one time, it used to be the British tradition to sit in front of the telly on a cold winter’s night watching a show or two before beddy-byes, the Eastern Europeans, usually a double dozen to their room get out the vodka, or whatever tipple they can find, and turn up the music to maximum volume. If you live next door to one of these abodes, be prepared for a very long night as they rarely go to sleep until the early morning, then its off to work for them selling the Big Issue. They are truly a jolly lot, but alas have no thought for their British neighbours.

It’s bad enough with the Russians, but add in a mix of EU Eastern migrants and there really is a heady cocktail of awful music being blasted everywhere. Britain, has truly changed over the years, and these changes seem to be permanent.

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