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Britain to Hold EU Referendum Every Year Indefinitely

LONDON - England - Theresa May and prominent Remainers have agreed to hold an In/Out EU Referendum every year.

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“Because of the Remoaners and their constant remoaning, the EU referendum will be held every year on June 23. Even though the initial referendum was a clear win for Brexit, the remainers have effectively won because every successive referendum effectively keeps the UK in the EU,” a defeated Brexiteer told the Daily Telegraph.

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, Theresa May had not much to say on the matter but praised the remainers and their successful remaining.

“Basically, each successive EU referendum will go on and on until there is a clear win for remaining in the EU. Once that is achieved, possibly through sheer fatigue on the Brexit side, we will continue our position in the EU as if Article 50 had never existed. This is the plan that Jean Claude Juncker advocated to us, and this is the way democracy is done in the EU, in other words, non democracy. We remainers, many who are on the Brussels payroll, shhh, are delighted that the weak Theresa May, originally a remainer herself, capitulated to our demands so easily,” another prominent remainer added.

Democracy Will Not Be Achieved Until the Correct Answer is Acquired

The successive yearly EU referendums could continue until the year 2060 and further, and even after the EU has itself crumbled and dissolved.

“Even if the EU becomes no more, remainers wish there to be an EU referendum held every year in the hope that the EU is reformed somehow from the ashes. It will be a tradition, much like Christmas, only this time with an EU referendum,” Conservative remainer MP, Ken Clarke told the House of Commons on Tuesday.

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