Putin Laughs as Russians Bomb Hospitals With Women and Children Inside

MA'ARAT AL NUMAN - Syria - There will, of course, be no consequences for Russia or Vladimir Putin after bombing another hospital in the war torn rubble.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin has never been so joyful and happy, especially after hearing that another hospital has been bombed to the ground, deliberately targeted of course by his jets.

“I do not consider these people as human, so why should I care when these women and children are bombed into the rubble. We are creating a humanitarian crisis and this is why millions of people are fleeing towards Europe and destabilising the EU. That’s a bonus for me. We get to kill two birds with one stone,” the Russian president, Putin remarked whilst chortling under his breath much like a well sated hyena.

Civilian areas in Syria are not immune to Russian cluster bombs either.

So much for John Kerry’s well touted ceasefire, the Russians have been carpet bombing Syria ever since.

The Médecins Sans Frontières hospital was among a school targeted by the Russians killing over 12 children.

Please donate, as MSF needs all the help they can get under extremely difficult conditions.


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