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EU: Why Europeans Need to Start Learning Arabic Now

STUTTGART - Germany - European Union directives requiring citizens be educated in Arabic as a necessary requirement at all levels should be rolled out across Europe within a few years.

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It is best to be prepared for eventualities, and this is why European citizens should start learning Arabic right now before it’s too late.

One cannot fully appreciate or understand the Holy Qu’ran without speaking it in the tongue it was written in, therefore to learn Arabic is a necessity.

In Germany, school children are already being educated in Jihad, and these lessons will be rolled out across the rest of Europe soon enough.

Why Islam? Well, as a control system it is one of the most effective programming solutions known to man,unrivalled to any other control  mechanism. For this reason alone, the controllers have seen fit to choose Islam as a suitable replacement and will no doubt make governance over the population much easier, as Islam means full submission.

Linguistically speaking, Arabic may seem intimidating to learn at first, especially when there are 28 letters in the alphabet made up of squiggly lines, but practice makes perfect as they say, and after a few lessons you will be speaking and reciting the Qu’ran like a pro.

One thing the EU is very strict about is that horrible thing called xenophobia, and it is to this end that the EU is asking the populace to be more inclusive; to not discriminate against other cultures, religions, especially during the period of transition.

“We are asking citizens to obey our new directives to learn Arabic. From now on all citizens within the EU must adhere to this ruling, as Arabic is a requirement at all levels of education and business, as well as entertainment,” Hans Gertvinters, an MEP for the Netherlands told Euronews.

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  1. This is great information thank you. It is about time people started to learn one of the most beautiful expressive languages in human history. Arabic is a wonderful language and I hope one day all of Europe will be talking it. Masahalla.

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