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This is Not a War Just For Ukraine But the World

KHARKIV - Ukraine - The illegal Russian invasion of the sovereign country of Ukraine a year ago has been a human tragedy full of atrocities and Russian war crimes.

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February 24th marks one year since the illegal invasion by Russian troops ordered into Ukraine by chief gangster Vladimir Putin.

As Beijing is giving Russia support in its evil war quietly, publicly China is calling for an end to the ‘special military operation’. China is now about to give arms to Russia, as the Russians are running out of the most basic military supplies. The Russians are also supplied by Iran with deadly suicide drones. India is also a large partner with Russia in oil and gas sales funding Putin’s evil war of attrition.

война в Харькове
Люди прячутся от обстрелов в метро в Харькове в четверг 24.03.2022.Фото Мариенко Андрея

The illegal invasion and atrocities committed on a sovereign nation contravening international law by Russia is fully financially supported by China, India and Iran.

Sanctions by the West have been useless simply because sanctions are not enforced, and Russia easily circumvents the so-called sanctions via India and China.

2022 War Russia invasion Ukraine war crimes. Mark bullet car destroyed bus crash. Bus evacuating civilian shooting bullet glass hole shot bullet windshield broken icon red cross sign humanitarian logo
Bus evacuating civilian shooting bullet glass hole shot bullet windshield broken icon red cross sign humanitarian logo. 2022 War Russia invasion Ukraine war crimes. Mark bullet car destroyed bus crash

The meat grinder of Ukraine grinds away daily the Russian conscripts and cannon fodder. Poorly equipped, poorly trained and with low moral, these troops can only show their frustration by committing awful atrocities and genocide on the poor Ukrainian civilians. Women, kids, babies, elderlies and the disabled are easy prey for the drugged up Russian Wagner criminals. Raping and pillaging, then conducting a scorched earth policy.

Behind the scenes, China is now preparing to send military weapons to Russia, and for the past year it has been financing and supplying technology to Putin’s evil regime. Publicly, China has been at some points vetoing Russia at the UN, but China’s hypocrisy is only too evident with their actions in Russia. Just as China commits genocide on the Uygur people and in Tibet, they are also watching how the US deals with sanctions on Russia. Chinese aspirations on Taiwan are no mystery, as it also prepares for an onslaught on the little island in the not too distant future.

Mariupol, Ukraine Mar 24, 2022: road, neighborhood, houses, car, rocket, grad, fire, bomb, snipped, shooting,
Mariupol, Ukraine Mar 24, 2022. Destroyed car after Grad rocket explodes.

If NATO and the West does not arm Ukraine with jets, tanks, and high-tech missiles, then the war will escalate as an emboldened Putin moves to other European countries. As Germany and France dilly-dally and question any attempt to arm Ukraine, the United Kingdom has been bold and enthusiastic in committing hard weaponry and support. It is sad to see the lacklustre stance by European nations, apart from Poland.

If Russia is not stopped, it is safe to say that World War III will have begun. China will be emboldened to attack Taiwan, and Putin will move forward towards Paris. Conversely, this is a tightrope walked by the West, where a cornered rat can be even more dangerous, in other words, the crazed and diseased Putin decides on a reckless insane nuclear war which would mean Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). No matter the outcome, this is a war not only for Ukraine but the entire globe.


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