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Anonymous Group: Old World Thinking and Systems Are On Brink of Extinction

THE INTERNET - This is a communiqué posted by an unknown and anonymous group called the Revolutechnik Org.

You will be unemployed soon. Your old education system serves no purpose for the future. Old political systems do not work now and will be obsolete in the future. All theories and systems of the past will not be needed anymore. All religious systems of control will not be applicable in the future.

The entire globe is on the edge of an accelerating exponential technological chart of data, of quantum science, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, unlimited energy and automation of nearly all human and biological processes.

If there ever was a revolution blowing through the carcass of a dead civilisation this technological whirlwind will change everything completely.

The mythical gods created by humans in the past will walk amongst us in the form of technological wonders that many cannot comprehend today.

When the time comes, you will not be able to bypass the inclusion of these technological changes. Certainty will be rooted in constant change, where nothing stays in stasis for long.

Net zero means zero carbon emissions, which can only be achieved through measurable strategies to reduce the number of carbon emitting carbon entities on earth.

Integration with machines and technology will be the only tolerant programme in the future, and those who do not will be eventually disposed of by time itself.

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