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Tony Blair: “Everyone in UK Needs a Barcode On Their Forehead”

LONDON - England - Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair wants everyone in the UK to have a barcode tattooed on their forehead.

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What is it with bloody Tony Blair? He keeps emerging like an unwanted turd after you’ve flushed for the fifth time. This evil fucker was not only responsible for the death of literally millions of people in Iraq and Syria, but now he wants everyone to have a compulsory ID card in the UK. That’s like one fascist step closer to being microchipped or branded across the forehead like fucking cattle.

The Nazis were the ones who introduced national ID cards in wartime Germany, Franco’s fascists were the ones who made them compulsory in Spain, and of course Mussolini introduced ID cards in Italy.

When Labour wins the next election, Blair will be leading the push for the introduction of something horrible again — this is a guarantee. What the hell does Blair do all day in his mansions; all which were naturally acquired by ill-gotten gains? One can imagine him pacing up and down the massive corridors and halls, scheming on the next initiative to enslave the people further.

Remember, after Blair came into power in ’97, the country was suddenly flooded by CCTV cameras. Today, it is estimated that for each person in the UK there are over 5,000 cameras, all recording 24/7 and tracking every single movement of every citizen.

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