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Oh Dear! Britain’s Tourist Subclass Not Welcome in Europe Anymore

MAGALUF - Spain - Some European travel destinations are clamping down on Britain's tourist subclass holidayers.

Can the Europeans be blamed for their latest outrage in shutting out Britain’s subclasses from holidaying on their beaches? After years of abuse, the continentals have quite rightly had enough of Britain’s subclass ‘scum’ Unterklasse who plague the beach resorts of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.

The Europeans will certainly not miss the vomit filled streets; the humping and boozing day and night all over the fucking place, the constant drunk fights, the cheap package holiday scum kicking off in the Easyjets, the balcony leapers as well as the grotesque sight of obese red roasted lobsters speeding around in their mobility scooters eating a full English breakfast whilst downing a pint of vodka and smoking a cigarette simultaneously at 7:30 in the fucking morning.

Budget chav travellers have been a blight on many European holiday destinations, leaving entire towns off limits to locals in fear for their lives and sanity.

“I cannot take my dog out for a walk in the morning or go for a quiet meal in the evening with my wife. They are literally humping in the street, vomiting everywhere, and passing out in the gutters. The fights we see go on for hours as they throw chairs, tables and bottles. The Brits call them ‘slags’ what is a slag? I see one girl she had all three holes filled up and a long queue of men wanting to have a go. It was a real public spectacle, but it happen every night here in Lanzarote,” one appalled and fed up Spanish local revealed.

Majorca’s director of tourism, Lucia Escribano, recently sparked outrage when she said the island would not be promoting travel for summer 2023 because it was “not interested in having… budget tourists from the UK – and we don’t care if they go [instead] to Greece and Turkey.”

The orgies, booze filled Bacchanalia and vomit filled streets will certainly not be missed by the European countries vying for a better class of clientele, but maybe the mediocre amount of money these Unterklasse bring will still be missed. If you still want some easy sex, drugs and booze, it will all be kicking off in either Greece or Turkey this year. Have at it…

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