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Sunseekers Going to Desperate Lengths to Get Prime Spot on Beaches

ALICANTE - Spain - Sunseekers are going to extraordinary lengths to get prime spots on the country's beaches.

Berlin Wall Fall – Catalonia Independence Revolution – End of EU...

BARCELONA - Catalonia - This is the beginning of the end of Soviet EU rule with the separation state declaring independence from the Spanish sector of the Soviet EUnion.

Democracy the EU Way

CATALONIA - The Catalan democratically held referendum got off to a great start the other day, when EU stormtroopers stopped voters getting to the polling stations by beating them with truncheons.

Spain’s Gibraltar Threat: Why Brexit UK Strategy is Cause For National...

GIBRALTAR - Spanish officials have sent a fascistic warning to Britain after claiming they will invade Gibraltar the day after Britain potentially exits the European Union.

Spaniards to Build Hotels Without Balconies For Brits on Holiday

MAGALUF - Spain - The British balcony jumping season is sadly nearly over this year but many Brits on their summer hols may be shocked next year because the Spaniards are now building hotels without balconies.

Spanish Hotel Wants Expensive Cutlery Back After Michelle Obama Trip

MARBELLA - Spain - The $4000 per night Hotel Villa Padierna in which Michelle Obama and her entourage stayed for their vacation have asked the first lady to return the cutlery she allegedly took, a hotel spokesman has said.

Spain Closed Down for Michelle Obama Shopping Trip

COSTA DEL SOL - Spain - American taxpayers were footing another massive bill last night after the president's wife, Michelle Obama, flew in to the country on an exclusive shopping trip.

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