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Spanish Hotel Wants Expensive Cutlery Back After Michelle Obama Trip

MARBELLA - Spain - The $4000 per night Hotel Villa Padierna in which Michelle Obama and her entourage stayed for their vacation have asked the first lady to return the cutlery she allegedly took, a hotel spokesman has said.

Whilst staying at the taxpayer funded $4000 per night room, Michelle Obama allegedly swiped the expensive cutlery from the dining area as well as some ashtrays for her husband, and a few obligatory bathrobes.

“We have a very exclusive line of cutlery that is very expensive, and there were witnesses to the incident. A bell boy was just passing the dining hall when he witnessed Michelle Obama first looking around, and then sticking a number of the valuable pieces into her handbag. She even put some in her daughter’s bag and we have reason to believe that she ordered all forty hangers-on in her entourage to bag stuff too. Sheeit, it was like a free-for-all during the L.A. riots. I bet she even tried to take the TV from the room,” Ernesto El Burro, senior concierge manager at the hotel told Spain’s El Pais newspaper.

The White House have flatly denied any wrongdoing and have vowed to look into the matter with an internal inquiry. There are fears, however, from the Pentagon, that internet leak site, Wikileaks, may have acquired in-depth damaging evidence and are threatening to release even more Michelle Obama pilfering details.

Speaking from the White House’s Oval room, President Barack Obama said: “Don’t be talkin’ trash! Michelle bagged me a great bathrobe and some gold laminated slippers from that hotel. I ain’t going to complain about that, shieet!”

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