Sweat Shop Owner Philip Green to Review Government Spending

LONDON - England - Billionaire sweat shop owner, Sir Philip Green, has been appointed by the PM to review government spending.

Sir Philip, owner of several sweat shop operations in the Far East, will examine
expenditure from the past three years to try to identify potential

He told the Daily Squib that moving more earnings abroad to offshore accounts and dodging the UK tax system would work wonders. At one point, Mr Green even suggested that David Cameron transfer UK funds into Samantha Cameron’s offshore bank accounts thus circumnavigating any tax inspectors.

“I’ve been doing it for bloody years and no one’s caught me yet,” Mr Green said.

Sir Philip owns more than 2,000 shops in the UK, including
BHS and Topshop, which are estimated to make up some 12% of the nation’s
clothing retail market.