Ground Zero Mosque to be Spectacular Say Americans

NEW YORK - USA - Americans are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the huge Islamic mosque which is currently being constructed on the site of the demolished twin towers.

“People are so excited by this wonderful magnificent mosque which will grace this holy 911 site that is central to all Americans. It is a wonderful symbol of Islam and the enduring love that is felt when people visit this site,” a spokesman for Obama’s 911 Reconstruction Commission said on Thursday.

The mosque will have four 300 foot minarets and six smaller ones towering high into the New York skyline, and there is even talk of having a muezzin calling Americans to prayer every evening.

The holy building and its ornate dome will be constructed with the most beautiful intricate Damascus tiles. The central courtyard will include a wonderful Moorish fountain and the surrounding gardens will be a peaceful oasis in the desert of concrete junk, which usually makes up New York city.

The mosque is set to transform the 911 ground-zero site forever

“We have already had many requests for pilgrimage from the Arab world and as long as they have the correct visas they can all come here. We are expecting as much as thirty to forty million Muslims per year coming to the ground zero mosque, Allah be praised,” John Schmitt, a consultant on the project told CNN.

Texan farmer, Billy Bob Fenster, said whilst visiting the site: “God damn, this is going to be an awesome project. The beautiful Islamic tiles, the minarets and the dome really bring the power of Allah into my life. I actually shed a tear at the beauty of the intricate designs and the splendour of Islam. I found myself getting down on my knees and prostrating myself towards Mecca.”