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The Castration of Islam by Europe

LONDON - England - As a religion Islam has been wholly untouched since its inception, however things are changing as a new watered down version of Islam is being effected by the EU and its Western counterparts.

5 Great Hotels to Stay in America For Muslims Visiting

NEW YORK - USA - If you are a Muslim and do manage to get into America during the Trump presidency, here are some great tips for enjoying your stay in this wonderful hospitable country.

Trump Planning Muslim Detention Centres in U.S.

NEW YORK - USA - With Trump set to take the Republican candidacy riding on a huge wave of popularity, he sets his sights on Muslims in the U.S.

Emperor Diocletian Would Have Been Proud of Persecution of Muslims

BERLIN - Germany - The European Union's stance against Muslims is very similar to the Roman Emperor Diocletian's action against the Christians in 284 AD.

Ground Zero Mosque to be Spectacular Say Americans

NEW YORK - USA - Americans are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the huge Islamic mosque which is currently being constructed on the site of the demolished twin towers.

Saudi Arabia Bans the French Beret

RIYADH - Saudi Arabia - One of the most prominent Islamic countries in the Middle East has taken drastic steps to thwart the Christian 'Frenchification' of its populace by banning the French beret cap, the Saudi Culture Minister has announced.

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