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The Castration of Islam by Europe

LONDON - England - As a religion Islam has been wholly untouched since its inception, however things are changing as a new watered down version of Islam is being effected by the EU and its Western counterparts.


“The Christian church now accepts homosexuality, transgenders, and all other facets of bestial behaviour originally condemned by the Holy Bible. The book of Christianity has been defiled by the progressive liberal clergies who see fit to add anything they wish with their socialist inclusive culture. The Christian church and religion is now overrun by sodomites, paedophiles and other satanic elements. What do you think we will do to Islam, who the EU and UK wishes to change, to subjugate, to alter in a Western way?” a Christian Arch Deacon, revealed in a recent communique about the role of Islam in the West.

The Syrian crisis has seen refugees coming from all over the Middle East into the EU zone. These millions of predominantly Islamic refugees bring with them a religion that is wholly incompatible with Western liberal values.

“In the West we drink alcohol, we eat pork flesh, we do not mutilate our genitals through circumcision or FGM, we enjoy drugs, adultery is accepted as a part of life, we enjoy pornography everywhere, our women dress scantily in public and are not ashamed of nudity and feminism is encouraged. We live in a Western promiscuous society where every sexual fetish is celebrated, where sodomites and lesbians have their own festivals, where transgenderism is seen as normal, we love debt, we have no morality when it comes to bombing countries where Muslim people live to take their resources and embed our forces deep in their territory.

“Your Islamic religion is against all of that, but our role is to subvert your religion, to Westernise it, to water it down so it will too become a reformed, rewritten liberal religion. We will use those who have come to Europe as examples, their core religion will be watered down Islam, let us say that all that is haram, will be permitted soon, and the Muslims in Europe now are subscribing in their millions to our version of the new European Islam.

“Today, the original Christian Ten Commandments are all permitted to be broken by the liberalised church, and so we have turned our eyes onto the Holy Quran. It will take some years, through the European mosques and through daily European indoctrination, but we will convert you to our ways sooner than later.”

Emasculation of Islam

The massive feat to change Islam so that all Western values are accepted may take many years, however Muslims who live in the West are targets for change day in day out and cannot escape from the constant indoctrination around them.

“It is akin to water dripping on a stone. That water droplet after centuries creates a large hole in the rock, and this is what we are doing to the Muslims trapped in the EU. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor has seen it upon herself to mould the Muslims with progressive Christian socialist values. Already, there are many Muslims in Germany who are adopting full Western lives, including all the vices and evils prohibited by Islam.

“Within generations, Islam in Europe will be nothing but name, as the Quran itself will be altered to accept the things the Christians are accepting. The only part of Islam left in the world will be in Middle Eastern countries which are under conditions of perpetual war engineered by the Christian Western allies. Our role in the West is to change Muslims living in the West to adopt our ways, and we will do this through indoctrination over time, and to decimate Muslims living in the Middle East through war, so that their religion will not continue further.

“In the West today, those prescribing to the actual tenets of the Quran are the ones who are persecuted whilst those who seek to subvert Islam’s pure form are encouraged and given great publicity when doing so.”

In retrospect, there is cause for concern, as the Europeanised version of Islam, an extreme watered down liberalised religion is already flourishing in the West with gay Muslims getting married and many other vices forbidden by Islam flourishing. This does not bode well for a religion that is said to be cast in stone, and defended vigilantly by only a few remaining Muslims in the Middle East.

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