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Celebrities Will Get Medals and Paraded Through Streets For Coming Out...

LONDON - England - Plans are afoot to have a national celebration of four days across the nation when celebrities come out as gay.

The Castration of Islam by Europe

LONDON - England - As a religion Islam has been wholly untouched since its inception, however things are changing as a new watered down version of Islam is being effected by the EU and its Western counterparts.

Tim Farron Takes One Up the Poop Chute For the Lib...

LONDON - England - The beleaguered Lib Dem leader who has become embroiled in a gay sex media storm today proved to his detractors that he does not think gay sex is a sin.

California Divorce Lawyers Applaud New Gay Marriage Ruling

LOS ANGELES - USA - Californian divorce lawyers were smacking their wallets at the thought of gays being allowed to marry and divorce in the US state of California.

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