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Fat Ugly Gay Builder in Nappy Music Video Causes Outrage

ESSEX - England - Like an unwanted fart from an old tramp, the latest video from some fat ugly gay builder has caused a bit of a stir.

A hypersexualised music video featuring an overweight ugly gay builder in a nappy cavorting around a homosexual orgy drinking urine and miming to autotune has quite rightly caused outrage.

The vile video is also proof that YouTube and its so-called squeaky clean advertisers are all hypocrites. No doubt the video will be completely monetised despite coming down hard on everyone else on the platform for very mild infractions. Top woke brands are fine with spreading this kind of excrement around.

Plastered all over YouTube and other sites, the grotesque video is even shown to children as young as five, but because it is gay it is given special permission and allowed to proliferate across all media in the hope it will indoctrinate young children and normalise paedophilia.

“There’s nothing we can do about it. This is the current agenda, so it has been given the green light from all of the controllers including the Google monopoly,” someone from some irrelevant media watchdog element revealed.

The crass vulgar music video has great comedy value, though, if you can bear to watch it without cringing. Obviously, no one who participates in the video has any form of dignity left or any capacity for self-analysis, let alone a measure of true aesthetic awareness.

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  1. Never thought I would see a day when w00fters and f@$%Wts would be out there showing off to 5-year-old kids and pushing their golden shower gay orgies at kiddies parties. Looks like the world is all upside down.

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