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Where’s the Safest Place During and After a Nuclear War?

LONDON - England - Is there a place on the planet which will be relatively safe during and after a nuclear war?

Russia’s policy is that once NATO is directly at their border and the country is imminently under threat, then they will commence with a complete nuclear barrage of missiles. We are not talking about a few piffling missiles here or there, we are talking about one button for everything. For Russians, Ukraine was meant to be a buffer zone to shield Russia from NATO, however much changed since the downfall of the Russian installed puppet president of Ukraine.

What will happen in a nuclear confrontation with Russia? The complete release of all Russian nuclear missiles would essentially obliterate all of Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and populated areas of Australasia. Australia and New Zealand would become wastelands. With the NATO response, Russia would be completely destroyed as well. The resulting nuclear winter would block the sun out from the atmosphere for over ten to twenty years in the Northern and parts of the Southern Hemisphere.

Africa would possibly be the best place to be located during the initial nuclear detonations. There is no reason for Russia to waste a single nuclear missile on the African continent, apart from 5 US bases located in Niger, Djibouti, Egypt, Kenya and Cameroon. These US bases do not have much military significance or nuclear capabilities and are only generally used to assist countries in fighting terrorism and insurgents, as well as training.

Leopard africa
Leopard sitting on a tree on a background of Mount Kilimanjaro

The African continent would thus be untouched. The question is what happens during the nuclear winter after the deluge? Well, African nations depend much on Western aid, and that would stop abruptly. Many African governments could collapse and there could be lawlessness and internal war. The intermittent sunshine could cause much of the animal kingdom and vegetation to die off, however because Africa is near the Equator, the projections of sun blockage could be wrong. Where the Northern Hemisphere will be completely blocked of sunlight for decades, the African and South American continents may get off lightly.

The only thing survivors would have to contend with is lawlessness and anarchy. If some move to extreme remote areas, their survival rates would increase.

It would be over two or three decades before some parts of the Northern Hemisphere return to close to any form of capability to sustain life. There are no guarantees that there would be any survivors twenty to thirty years after the nuclear war in Europe and Russia. Yes, there would be some initially in bunkers, however it is doubtful if they would be able to sustain themselves for an additional twenty to thirty years after the detonations.

It is quite ironic that the cradle of all humanity — Africa — could be humanity’s last remaining refuge on planet earth.

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