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Thousands Rapists Now Plan to Identify as Women to be Transferred to Women’s Prisons

GLASGOW - Scotland - Thousands of rapists across the UK are applying to be considered as trans women, so they are transferred to women's prisons.

“It’s easy as pie. We can take advantage of the morons who deny biological science. I just identified as a blonde dolly bird to the prison board. I have to wear a blonde wig, a dress and wear makeup, so they transfer me to an all female prison tomorrow. Not only that, but I’ll be balls deep by lunchtime in a mountain of pussy. Lots of vulnerable women to exploit. Can’t wait to get in the showers,” a renowned rapist revealed on Monday.

Exploiting the trans madness enveloping society and being pushed heavily by authorities is now too easy for convicted rapists stuck in all male prisons. The key is to claim that you identify as a female, and you will have a cushy life when transferred to an all women’s prison facility.

This agenda is of course fully supported by Nicola Sturgeon and her Scottish National Party. In a world of insanity, biological scientific facts are merely brushed aside to accommodate the mentally ill far-left peddlers of magical fixes.

woman prison
Real women are under real threat from terrible policies in prisons.

“Best time of my life”

“I can identify as a woman, and they don’t consider the fact that I’ve got a large dangling knob and hairy scrotum. In like Flynn, some of these women in prisons are desperate for it, I’m like a fucking superstar in there. All they do is transfer me from one woman’s prison to another to avoid any argy-bargy after I get a few of the girls and wardens preggers. I’m doing a fuck tour, for gawd’s sake! I have to confess, after a while I get a sore bell-end. I mean, how much fucking can one rapist do in a day? It’s like a festival of quim!” another convicted rapist revealed.

One would think that common sense would be applied and only trans people who have had the full spectrum of operations and body mutilations would be considered to be transferred to an all female prison facility, however, it does not seem that common sense or even common decency to respect the sanctity of women and their rights is a key issue with authorities. Sure, gender dysphoria is a real thing, but it must be fully clinically diagnosed first. Now, thousands of men stuck in male prisons are thinking of using the same ploy to be transferred to female prisons.

“You do your time in the harem. I have to have oysters smuggled in to keep up the levels. Getting through five or six lasses a day can be a bit of a job sometimes. Once I am released, I then identify back as a man. I just say I’m gender-fluid or summink like that. Cushty!”

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  1. If I was in prison I’d probably do the same thing. I’d rather be in a female prison getting my rocks off every day than getting buggered in a male prison.

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