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WORLD CUP: Islamic Qatar to be Force Fed Education on Homosexuality

DOHA - Qatar - LGBTQP educators are gearing up to attending the World Cup to educate the Qataris in the ways of homosexuality.

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The Islamic religion forbids male homosexuality as ‘Haram’, yet Western LGBTQP activists will try to force-feed the population of Qatar in homosexual indoctrination.

The socialist agenda to indoctrinate and encourage homosexuality in liberal Western societies has worked very well since its introduction during the Obama era. Now you cannot walk two yards in either America, Europe or the UK without a rainbow flag being pushed into your face or an LGBTQP parade prancing around you. Will this homosexual agenda work in an Islamic country where sodomy and buggery is prohibited with severe punishment?

As the World Cup begins in Qatar, the key subject in the media is pushing gay ideology onto the Qataris. Forget about such things as football or sport, the agenda is now solely focused on getting the people of Qatar educated in homosexuality.

It will certainly be a source of entertainment to see the gay educators in Qatar during the World Cup.

Male homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, with a punishment of up to three years in prison and a fine and the possibility of death penalty for Muslims under sharia law. Since 2004, Article 296 of the current Penal Code (Law 11/2004) stipulates imprisonment between one and three years for sodomy between men.

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