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EU Vice President: “I did not receive 600,000 euros bribe from Qatar”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU Vice President, Eva Kaili has denied she allegedly received large sums of bribe money from Qatar officials prior to the World Cup.

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Sometimes the massive level of corruption prevalent in the EU is uncovered. This time, EU Assembly Vice President, Eva Kaili of Greece, has been caught with her nose deep in the trough. She allegedly received over 600,000 euros from Qatar prior to the World Cup and was found with bags of cash in her home.

“Maybe Eva needs to get the same guys who cover up for Joe and Hunter Biden. If this was the case, despite mounting evidence nothing would ever happen,” an American commentator revealed.

As is the case in the EU, the officials who received bribes from Qatar will be quietly disappeared and the news buried very deep. As of writing, Kaili is being held in Brussels and her assets frozen.

“Sometimes we have to be seen to make an example of our protected members. Kaili will most certainly be given a huge EU payoff payment for her contributions to EU corruption and demoted to a new role in Brussels, maybe two days work with full gold-plated pension, expense account scheme, and salary of 750,000 euros per month,” an unelected member of the EU Commission revealed.

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