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Totalitarian Leftist Feudal Lords Want to Kill Free Speech For a Good Reason

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Killing off our right to free speech is a goal the woke leftist totalitarians in charge must achieve with haste.

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We are now being ruled and controlled by extremist socialists enforcing an intolerant totalitarian woke rule over all facets of the media, internet, publishing, science, tech, advertising, education and government.

This form of big government hyper-regulation and collectivist welfare statism is more akin to the regimes of Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler than a supposed functioning democracy with democratic elections. We saw how ‘democratic’ the elections were in 2020 when the alternate voices of opposition to the democrat party were all but erased from the internet, resulting in only democrat party propaganda broadcasts allowed a voice. Sites like Twitter functioned as a direct wing of the democrat party, as did so-called ‘unbiased’ search engines like Google who only promoted democrat party opinions or voices to the top of any search term.

The leftists in control now are unforgiving intolerant totalitarian censors who have effectively tried with all their might to destroy free speech and freedom of expression as well as democracy by censoring and labelling anyone who disagrees with their Communist Marxist views as either a fascist, racist or someone who disseminates ‘hate speech’.

Science used to be a forum of debate, of questioning of theory. In fact, to not question scientific theory rigorously would have been seen in the past as invalid scientific technique. Under the totalitarian leftist regime, science has been subverted and corrupted to presenting an absolute answer without question. Global warming comes under this absolute science, as does anything to do with Covid as witnessed recently. What the well-funded leftist state scientists say goes without question, and if anyone dares to question, they are summarily silenced and their corpses (and careers) dragged through the streets of social media subjected to eternal cancellation and disgrace.

We are currently not living in a democratic West where free thought and liberty are championed; we are living in a leftist totalitarian dystopian nightmare where intolerant socialist totalitarian woke feudal lords rule over their serfs with an all encompassing eraser as their weapon. These socialist totalitarians rewrite history, rewrite films and even mess with Hollywood greats like Star Wars and literary classics like Lord of the Rings to promote their socialist activism.

Journalists are now a rarity in the soulless plastic conglomerate newsrooms, instead they have been replaced by rabid intolerant activists pretending to be journalists. These leftist totalitarian woke activists are given free rein to push their activist agendas to millions of people without any form of questioning or quality control. The daily ‘truth’ is thus not presented by research and multiple sources instead, the activists who have taken over journalism present an unquestionable intolerant ‘absolute truth’ direct from the Big State. If you question this absolute truth, you are silenced, cancelled, shadowbanned, called a conspiracy theorist or labelled as a ‘hate speech’ peddler.

Universities and all state education establishments are now places of far-left activism led by Marxist rhetoric and woke students bristling to get out into the real world to spread their brainwashed education to everyone. The places where discussion was once appreciated and encouraged are now closed-off blinkered intolerant woke places where any form of free thought is punished with immediate censorship and cancellation.

Under the intolerant far-left totalitarian brutal regime, we now can look forward to their great communist collectivist reset, where the wealth of the remaining middle-classes will be repatriated to the state leaving only the very, very, very rich, and the poor serfs at the bottom who will be indebted to the feudal leftist state. The World Economic Forum, the EU and United Nations has already commended communist China as the global role-model and are now moving towards incorporating a ‘citizen social rating’ system to the West.

The leftist feudal lords are now intent on completely silencing the concept of free speech or independent thought for a very good reason — freedom of speech reveals their methods and their modus operandi. For the leftist totalitarians in control, this is a total no no, and the mere thought of the hive mind controlled public awakening to the woke control operation would be a disaster. Sure there are a few who tried to fight the leftist swamp, people like Trump, Farage and now to some extent Musk, but in the end they sink into the sinking mire, all it takes is one toe dipped into the swamp of leftist total control and that’s it, adios amigo. Avoiding assimilation into the collective is impossible: “Resistance is futile” – The Borg.

Democracy has not existed in the West for some time, and the prognosis is not good in it ever existing in the future either.

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