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Kanye West Joins Up For Year in Israeli Kibbutz

BNEI SHIMON - Israel - Antares autotune pop star and controversial character, Kanye West has agreed to sign up for a year in a Kibbutz.

Kanye West today announced that he has joined up for a year in an Israeli Kibbutz picking fruit.

“Ima pick fruit fo da Jooz ‘n’ shieet! Yanum sayin’? I aks y’all to show me sum respec’ n shieet! I is lookin’ forward to da year of hard work in da mufuggin’ fields! Kinda make me feel lak ma ancestors pickin’ cotton! Ima do dis sheeit cuz Gawd tol’ me ta right da wrongs ‘n’ shiet, or summink lak dat!”

Moshe Liebowitz, head of the Beit HaShovet Kibbutz in Southern Israel invited West to the Holy country to show him that all Jews are not all bad folks.

“I forgive him. He is obviously a misinformed, simple idiot. We will treat him well here, but if he continues saying bad things about Jews, there will be consequences. We have a little shed in one of the orchards, we can put him in there for a while until he learns some manners.”

Kibbutz life can be quite arduous, but is very rewarding. Living on a collectivist farm where everyone pulls together to help is a huge success in Israel, and hundreds of Kibbutzim are scattered all across Israel.

The Kibbutz is a wonderful idea of a voluntary society in which people live in accordance with a specific social contract, based on egalitarian and communal principles in a social and economic framework. The first Kibbutz was established over 90 years ago, and many are still functioning communities today.

Hopefully Kanye West’s time in the Kibbutz will teach him some valuable life skills like humility and respect.

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