Obama Wants More Gay Saunas in Africa

NAIROBI - Kenya - Starving Africans in extreme poverty have other things on their minds today, like how to be more gay and what cock ring to wear in a gay sauna, thanks to president Barack Obama.


“Like we can’t feed ourselves, large numbers of the population are suffering in poverty, drought, disease and HIV is decimating most of the continent of Africa. So we get a visit from the Obama guy telling us we have to be more gay, have more gay sex in saunas and think about butt plugs. Thank you Obama you sure have your priorities right, how about giving us some advice on how to irrigate barren land, increase crops or build better housing for our population,” a distraught Kenyan minister told the Kenya Times after Obama’s visit on Friday.

Hakuna Massaga

The president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama lectured Kenyans throughout his trip on how to be more homosexual and how to incorporate gayness in education as well as build gay saunas every 50 yards across the country.

President Obama walks through the Kenyan village of Nyang’oma Kogelo, as he inspects the first gay sauna installed to commemorate his visit.

State Department spokesman, Andre Shirtliftoff, explained the Obama message of gayness: “Africans need to be more gay and follow the American example where gayness is promoted and encouraged at every juncture including primary school education. Obama is now the gayest president of the United States ever to have been elected and he wants to spread his message of gayness to his homeland where he was born. So what if Kenyans¬†can’t get food and medicine, their priorities should be in adopting the gay lifestyle that Americans love so much right now.”

Kenyan president,¬†Uhuru Kenyatta, was presented with a copy of the Village People’s Greatest Hits by Obama at the end of his state visit as well as a DVD set of gay porn discs, some butt plugs and a gold plated cock ring from the personal White House collection.