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Despite Ukraine Battle Victories War is Just Beginning

KHERSON - Ukraine - As WW3 began a while back, the war is just getting off the ground and will accelerate as time goes by.

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Ukraine has accomplished wonders on the battlefield against the Russian invaders, however any thoughts of victory must be dispelled until all Russian forces are defeated from Ukraine, including Crimea.

World War III started a long time ago, and is just getting started now. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either deluded or misinformed.

Putin may be losing troops and ground in Ukraine, but all he has to do is wait a little while longer until his action causes more economic damage to the West. Having already smelled blood, the stakes are too high to quit now — the goal being the destruction of the American economy.

Each day there is war in Ukraine; is another day of uncertainty in the global markets, in supply chain disruption, in global wheat shortages, in vast increases in energy prices, in shortages of military equipment used up in Ukraine.

Americans used to living off the back of the petrodollar will see their everyday cost of goods go up for the first time in generations. They cannot imagine having to pay the same prices as Europeans for their food and petrol, and serious cracks will form within the country possibly culminating in social unrest.

Cracks are already forming with Big Tech monopoly companies who are laying off staff by the thousand, and it is only going to get worse. Time is the enemy of a faltering economy where joblessness and vast deficits loom down ominously. Time however is the friend of Putin, who can sit back and eke the war out for as long as possible. If Putin dies from his illness, or is terminated, that is no problem either for the Russians as they will simply bring in another hardliner who knows the plan.


This is just the beginning, as the Russians have plenty of cannon fodder to throw at the Ukrainian meat grinder. The war was never about Ukraine, it is about destroying the American economy and destabilising the dollar as the global fiat currency. The trillions of dollars that make up the US deficit will eventually crack the Federal Reserve. The US deficit is currently $31 Trillion. Russia is working in unison with China and Iran to destroy the US economy further in preparation for all out war.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is carrying $330 billion in unrealized losses on its holdings of U.S. Treasury and mortgage-backed securities as of the end of March, according to newly released financial statements showing the impact of rising interest rates on the market value of the Fed’s balance sheet.

The central bank’s holdings of nearly $9 trillion in assets still allowed the Fed to remit $32.2 billion to the U.S. Treasury in the first quarter of 2022, according to the documents.

But the losses on the Fed’s investments, an $8.5 trillion portfolio that surged higher through asset purchases designed to keep financial markets stable through the pandemic, pose a potentially tough political problem for the central bank. SOURCE

As of 2013, The US government had about $70 trillion in off-balance sheet liabilities. In 2022, the accounting for potential and actual liabilities would be more in the region of $150 trillion in debt.

The disastrous campaigns in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan bled the United States of untold trillions for little or no gain. The global pandemic was the next nail in the coffin, and now the Ukraine war is bleeding America dry every day.

All things have an end, and the charade cannot go on forever. America is a bankrupted entity, and all its enemies have to do is wait by the river until it eventually implodes from the sheer force and magnitude of its debt.

In 2019, the total U.S. debt including all forms of government, state, local, financial and entitlement liabilities was calculated as being close to 2,000% of GDP.

Russians are the Orcs of the world, they do not need anything, they don’t smile, and are used to hardship. Brutal butchers with no mercy as witnessed on the battlefields and cities of Ukraine who have no qualms in targeting innocent civilians in cold blood.

Entire battalions of Russian conscripts with little or no training or equipment can be wiped out, yet it is still a win for Russia. The billions of dollars spent by the USA only deepens their ultimate road to complete bankruptcy.

With the appetite for buying US debt by Asian countries faltering, no one wants to touch that anymore, no one wants to prop up a sure loser.

Preparing for full on war, the West’s enemies are making sure to bankrupt the West first. This not only impoverishes entire nations, damaging their global standing, but causes massive internal damage with civil unrest and mass poverty. One only has to look at what is happening in the UK where citizens are having everything they own robbed by a government that has completely lost its direction.

World War III started a long time ago, it’s just that no one is speaking about it, or announcing it in the papers. Sooner or later, maybe the people may realise what is going on, however by that time it will be too late.

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