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Germans Embracing Islam and Allah

BERLIN - Germany - Thousands of Germans are daily coming around to the glory of Islam, and its inherent peaceful message.

The Castration of Islam by Europe

LONDON - England - As a religion Islam has been wholly untouched since its inception, however things are changing as a new watered down version of Islam is being effected by the EU and its Western counterparts.

Experts: ISIS is Root of True Islam and Cannot be Defeated...

LONDON - England - The Global War Analysis think tank summarises the futility of trying to fight an ideology or belief system like ISIS with weapons and military force.

Burkini Ban Going Well in South of France

NICE - France - The Burkini ban on French beaches is going well according to many French mayors who have adopted the ruling.

Chancellor Merkel: Islamic Men Allowed Six German Wives Each

BERLIN - Germany - Speaking at the Bundestag on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel has stipulated that each Islamic male is allowed to keep a small harem of German women.

Europe Prepared For Sharia Law

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The European Union is committed to integration of Sharia law under Islamic teachings, and is preparing the public for major changes due to the mass migration from the Middle East.

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