Spain’s Gibraltar Threat: Why Brexit UK Strategy is Cause For National Mobilisation

GIBRALTAR - Spanish officials have sent a fascistic warning to Britain after claiming they will invade Gibraltar the day after Britain potentially exits the European Union.

The fascistic threat by Spain to invade Gibraltar immediately after Brexit is a cause for immediate mobilisation after the EU referendum results are announced.

It is thus a case of national importance that Britain’s armed forces are on full alert when Brexit occurs and troops are sent immediately to Gibraltar.

The acting Brexit PM will be instated immediately and the outgoing PM will be ousted with immediate effect.

Due to the national importance of the strategic area in question, Britain must also bolster the Falklands with increased missile batteries and troops, for the threat will not just be Gibraltar but the Falkland Isles as well.

Britain’s territories and interests must be defended at all costs upon Brexit as its enemies will seek to capitulate on the period of transition and confusion, however if emergency measures are implemented correctly, there may not be any need for using the military in any conflict.

These threats by the EU, should be seen as the dying European Dis-Union flailing in the dark, lashing out needlessly and scaremongering.

The EU is now resorting to terroristic tactics to engender fear in the population and their propaganda may be expensive to implement but can be circumnavigated quite easily simply by employing common sense and logic.