Trump: No One Allowed Alternative Viewpoint to Me

NEW ORLEANS - USA - Donald Trump can make people with alternative views disappear from his rallies within a few seconds, he says he wants to extend that to his presidency.

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump told reporters on Saturday that “No one is allowed an opinion other than my own, and that’s my final answer on the situation!”

Going on to the subject of freedom of speech, Trump addressed a group pf reporters from various agencies telling them that when he’s president this is also how it’s going to be.

“Anyone voices an opinion other than the Donald at a rally, you see what happens to them, they get thrown out on their ass. We’ve got teams of thugs going round crowds to see if anyone has an opinion that does not follow the Trump line. My boys, they’re so good you know, we find these people, I like to call them disruptors, they call themselves free-thinkers, whatever, whatever they wanna call themselves. Soon their asses are out on the street, it’s not like the old days though, you know when security would rough these people up real good, take ’em out on a stretcher. But, comin’ back to my previous point, this is how it’s going to be in a Trump presidency. Black or white. No grey. I’m going to make damn sure that people who do not have my viewpoint on any subject are silenced one way or another. Let’s just say, they’ll be made to disappear. Oh, you’re saying that sounds like something the Mafia would say, well hello? The Don, they call me, I run with the goodfellas, we’re like paisans, how you think I made those real estate deals, those construction deals? I mixed with the right people, Italians who know what good shoes are and can bury people in a hole at the drop of a hat. Capish?”