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Experts: The EU Planning to Destroy British Monarchy and Sovereignty

LONDON - England - The British Monarchy, constitution and royal family is under threat if Britain stays within the EU, in the upcoming EU Referendum.

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The European Union, through ever closer union is ever changing, with one diktat, making way for several, ultimately undoing previous laws and making new ones as it goes along.

It is thus correct to surmise that David Cameron’s paltry deal would never be put into effect, and within a few years the U.K. would be fully swallowed up into the EU matrix.

One faceless unelected Eurocrat’s word does not mean a thing, because he will be superseded by another at a higher level, and this meandering political dance means emphatically that anything brokered within the EU sphere is easily changed for the purposes of the controllers.

The sole purpose of the EU is to swallow up nations, strip them of power and sovereignty and utilise their resources for the needs of the EU core.

This is why the Monarchy of Britain, the House of Windsor, originally the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is now in serious peril, because the EU will strip it of its position within the United Kingdom. Through de-funding methods, the House of Windsor will eventually have its assets collectivised by the EU Soviet state.

Now, there have been numerous speeches by some royals, and these speeches have suggested an appreciation of the cause to stay within the EU, this is what the royals have been sold, but what they do not realise is, they have not been told the truth about how they will have to give up the monarchy down the line.

Ever closer union and integration into the EU means the destruction of all sovereign rights, and this includes the monarchy, as well as the British parliament.

The current PM, David Cameron, is thus working maybe knowingly or unwittingly to abolish the British monarchy and all its off shoot branches.

In defence of the realm, and her Majesty, it is imperative that Britain votes to leave the EU with a Brexit. This point cannot be exemplified more, as there is not only now serious danger towards the Crown but to the very survival of Britain’s constitution, the Magna Carta, the royal lineage is at risk.

If there ever was a time for concern, now would be the time, as Britain’s very fabric could be destroyed from within and without. There are nefarious voices now calling for Britain to stay in the EU, and there are still some confused people, whether in parliament or the general populace who think Britain should stay. There are further treacherous forces who are willing the destruction of the monarchy through staying, cue Jeremy Corbyn, a staunch anti-royalist who will have the last laugh if Britain stays in the EU.

This is an appeal to those on the wrong side of the fence now, you can save Britain by backing a Brexit, if you love your country, your nation, do the correct thing, and Vote Leave.

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  1. But why ? if so I will take up a war footing with many millions of Brits..Puck Euro

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