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POLLS: ECHR Ruled Tory Party Set to Lose Election by Landslide

LONDON - England - A recent voter poll has revealed that the Tory Party is set to lose the General Election by a landslide.

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The Daily Telegraph poll this weekend displayed a picture most people knew anyway, but still it was good to receive confirmation via the pollsters. The Tory Party is dead in the water. The mantra during the horrible Blair years was ‘Education, education, education!’ and in 2024 just before a General Election in Nov/Dec it is probably ‘Immigration, immigration, immigration’ but not told by the insipid Sunak instead — by the people.

The populace has truly had enough of this migratory attack on the nation. Yes, some migration is okay but not the vast hordes foisted on the tiny island of Britain in such a short time when you can’t get a doctor’s appointment any more, and if you have an important surgical operation due or medical care, you are put on a waiting list lasting months and years. Even the socialists think there is something wrong here and are slowly figuring out that mass unfettered influxes of millions of people in a short time causes serious strains on the already strained system.

Want to send little Johnny to a school, good luck with that, overcrowded and oversubscribed, sometimes with over 90 pupils in each class, he will be lucky to get a place and even luckier to ever get a decent education with such overstretched resources. Teachers, bless them, have their classes suddenly filled to such a level that they need to speak through a microphone, so the back of the class can hear them. It doesn’t matter anyway because half the pupils (adults posing as children) just came off a boat and cannot speak a word of English yet.

The Tory Sunak government have ruled out leaving the ECHR, a meddling EU court of unelected judges who rules over the UK despite the so-called Brexit.

As the recent poll revealed, the Tory vote share is down 18 points in England and Wales — forget about Scotland, it is zero. Hundreds of thousands of voters have said they will not even bother turning out on election day as the Tories bleed votes to Labour, the Lib Dems and Reform Party.

The biggest constituent of voters who have totally abandoned the Tories is of course the Brexiteers, those who voted Leave in 2016 in the Brexit referendum are a crucial part of the complete collapse of the Tory vote.

Leave voters – the bastion of the 2019 election victory, gave the Tory Party a huge majority and mandate. They have now nearly completely fled the Conservatives, comprising eight in 10 of those past Tory voters who now will NOT support the party.

Sunak is a wishy-washy fishy greasy, impotent accountant who looks at charts all day and is far removed from what is really going on. He is also an unelected autocrat who is probably actually a Remainer despite pleading his allegiance to Brexit. Absolute bollocks, because if you were a true Brexiteer the ECHR and all standing EU diktats and regulations would have been gone a long fucking time ago.

A real Brexiteer would have stopped the boats in a fucking week, but the Tories in this shape are not Brexiteers or real Tories for that matter. Still, the limp, spineless, out of touch Sunak hobble’s along waiting desperately for a humane stomp on his cowardly impotent self.

This is why they will LOSE!

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