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Russian Delusional Denials Reminiscent of Iraq’s Baghdad Bob

BUCHA - Ukraine - Despite mounting evidence of genocidal atrocities committed by the Russian invaders they still deny everything.

According to the deluded genocidal Russians, there have been no massacres of civilians in Ukraine. No, there was no massacre of Ukrainian civilians in Bucha, it was the Ukrainians who massacred their own civilians and placed them on the roads after the Russian invading forces left. Satellite information however refutes the delusional Russian denials with evidence revealing the bodies were present while Russians were in the area at the time. Baghdad Bob, the errant Iraqi Information Minister, would have been proud of the levels of delusion and blatant lies the Russians are spewing from their butcher’s mouths.

Baghdad Bob was funny — the Russians are not

Every piece of war crime evidence perpetrated upon the Ukrainian civilians is thus nonchalantly dismissed by the Russian propaganda machine, instead blaming Ukrainians for inflicting harm on their own people. Not one single Ukrainian death or injury is attributed to Russian forces by the clinically deluded, lying Russian officials.

Deny everything, despite conclusive evidence being reported by multiple sources contrary to your protestations of complete innocence. Keep on repeating the delusional lies ad infinitum until even the lies appear to be the truth. Something even Josef Goebbels would have also been proud of, along with the comedic Baghdad Bob.

At least Baghdad Bob was funny though. In stark contrast, the Russian officials peddling their deluded lies are miserable nasty creatures devoid of any form of humanity, decency, compassion or honesty. Putin will forever be known as a brutal, savage murderer of innocents…a genocidal maniac, a cold-blooded killer.

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