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Jeremy Hunt “Punishing Brexit Britain is a Required Remainer Plot”

LONDON - England - Looks like the Chancellor stifling business and the economy with even more taxation and increasing interest rates will kill off any future enterprise or hope to exit from recession.

Jeremy Hunt, the Remainer Chancellor appointed by autocrat Remainer PM Rishi Sunak is punishing Brexit Britain until something eventually snaps and people beg to be let back into the Soviet EU bloc, a British economic think tank has revealed.

“The technique employed by the Chancellor and Bank of England, who are sympathetic to the EU, is to torture and punish Brexit Britain until it finally capitulates fully to Brussels. One could say it is almost an analogy for an economic thumbscrew torture on the population of Britain.

“By increasing income tax and interest rates, huge council tax hikes, fuel duty hikes, along with hyperinflation causing misery to millions of families across the UK, it is only inevitable that Britain will be pushed into a deeper recession, as well as the open arms of the EU prison.”

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