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50% Council Tax Rises Final Nail in Coffin For Millions

LONDON - England - Huge council tax hikes will be the final nail in the coffin for millions of people forced to pay it.

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Let’s look at this in a rational manner. Interest rate rises mean large hikes in mortgage rates and loan costs. Increases in income tax means less money for households. An official 11% level of inflation, when in reality it is closer to 30%. Energy costs increasing by over 60%. Petrol price increases by over 45%. Food prices increased by over 60%.

And now council tax increases will be the final icing on the cake. Some councils are now talking about a 40-50% increase in council tax. This will mean some households will be paying over £4000 per annum just for a bin collection every two weeks, and for council staff to enjoy their gold-plated pensions and vast salaries. At least they won’t feel any hardship as they strip the populace of the last vestiges of any wealth.

With this level of punishment not only from the Treasury but the Bank of England, one can safely assume that the levels of poverty will increase as the middle classes are relegated to the dustbin of history.

“No one will ever vote for the Tories ever again after this. Why would you? You’ve lost your home, your business and now live under a bridge in a fucking cardboard box. Thank you, Conservative government, a disaster worse than even any Labour nightmare scenario. Don’t vote Labour or Conservative, for they are simply the same cunts who will fuck you over each and every single time,” an angry destitute man revealed from under a bridge in a cardboard box.

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  1. I got a mate in Bristol he goes without food for days now can’t heat his home. His mortgage payments are now so high he is thinking of selling at a loss. He voted Tory all his life. Not anymore.

    • I can one up you –> I got a mate in Sheffield who cannot heat his home and has only eaten once last month. His mortgage costs are so high that he has sold all his furniture, car, kids toys and wife’s jewellery just to pay one months mortgage.

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