Queen Needs to be Protected From People Like ‘Nasty Harry’

WINDSOR - England - After Nasty Harry made a series of arrogant and stupid comments on an American tabloid show, there has been some pushback.

The Queen

News from the Palace came swiftly regarding Harry’s secret visit to the Queen last week before the Invictus Games.

Not long after the visit, Harry could not resist blabbing on about his visit.

Arrogant blabbermouth Prince Harry revealed to a trashy American celebrity programme that he paid a visit to the Queen last week to make sure his grandmother was “protected” and “had the right people around her,” in his first full interview in over a year.

Nasty Harry

Hanging around like a smelly fart on a tube train seems to be the order of the day for Harry and the disingenuous twisted Markle harridan he hangs around with at all times.

“Taking advantage of a 96-year-old woman who is somewhat more vulnerable after losing her husband is a truly despicable, cowardly act. It’s all in a day’s work for the wrong people like manipulative users Harry and Markle, though. The arrogance of this selfish narcissistic runt is truly atrocious,” one observer revealed.

The Queen needs to revoke the titles of these wrong people, and she needs to be protected from them and their grifting.