There is always something new trending, or an old fad making a comeback. How can you tell which ones to follow and which to avoid at all costs? Here we provide the low-down on a few 2022 trends and tell you which ones are worth your investment, and which are a waste of your money.

Common Interior Design Mistakes

room-g350ac22b7_640Interior design is constantly coming up with new trends or rehashing previous ones. While some of these contribute to timeless elegance, such as Feng Shui in a minimalistic design, others are downright tacky. Posting signs and plaques all over your homeĀ indicates a thoughtless approach to decorating your interior spaces. This is just plain cheesy.

Another faux pas is an accent wall in a room. Interior designers are recommending that homeowners keep all the walls in the same style and painted in one colour for a pleasing and soothing effect. Accent walls are a thing of the past.

Matching furniture detracts from a sense of personal style and homeliness. If you want to make your home your castle, pick out individual, classic pieces that reflect your tastes.

Healthy Eating Is Trending in the UK


After the prolonged period of lockdown and home-prepared meals, people are eager to get out and sample new tastes and experiences. Interestingly, instead of opting for fast food sources, the trend is to seek out healthy alternatives.

Diners are interested in homegrown food that is free of chemicals when purchasing fresh produce, and also expect a higher standard of healthy options from restaurants.

With sustainability acquiring a firm foothold in our consciences, this has spilled over into the eating arena. For example, the popularity of the Seaspiracy documentary available on Netflix has diners questioning where and how their fish has been acquired.

In line with the demand for a reduction in our environmental impact, nose-to-tail eateries are trending in a big way. This is aimed at ensuring that all parts of an animal are used and that nothing is wasted.

Disposable Vapes

Vaping has become an effective way to cut down on smoking and decrease an individualā€™s carbon footprint. While the original vaping equipment was expensive, this was offset by a change in pricing structures that saw kits being sold more cheaply and companies making their money from refills. But disposable vapes have become the super-cheap choice of countless smokers.

Superior Vapour disposable vapes are taking over the industry in Europe and elsewhere. In the US, the government banned vapes from using nicotine from tobacco. Vaping firms have stepped in with synthetic nicotine and revitalised the demand for disposable vapes.

Disposable vapes are now made with nicotine salts that are less harsh on the throat than the previously used freebase nicotine e-liquid. The cost of disposable vapes is a lot less than traditional vaping and smoking cigarettes. And users are getting more puffs to a disposable vape than ever before as manufacturing techniques have been improved and streamlined. There is also a new look to disposable vapes that are no longer designed to look like cigarettes, allowing users to make a fashion statement or simply enjoy the variety.

Fashion Trends to Avoid

Fashion is always evolving with many trends becoming entrenched, and others are gone in a season. The fashion industry is being led by Gen-Z. This generation makes up the biggest consumer group and marketers and manufacturers are basing their decisions on the values of this population.

woman-g68ed33dfd_640Gen-Z values individuality and a style that reflects this. As a result, fashion trends are favouring designs that are bold and unique. This means that neutral colours, such as tan, white, grey, cream, and brown are no longer fashionable. Instead, opt for brighter colours, especially blues, yellows, and fuchsia pinks, and imbibe the Dopamine dressing trend that is very much in fashion.

Low-rise jeans are trending, harking back to the 1990s. Jeans that are wider in the legs are replacing skinny jeans, which are out. Regarding legwear, biker shorts are to be avoided. Sweatpants in the latest styles are popular with sweatshirts available in more colours and textures.

Avoid layers, frills, and ruffles, as well as anything see-through, especially for work. Relegate your windbreakers to the back of the cupboard or donate them. Instead, make sure that you have at least one or two roomy blazers.

Trends come and go, and consumers are left trying to decide which ones to ignore and those that will become mainstream. Healthy food choices and better smoking options are aligned to sustainability, which is here to stay.