If you are currently considering the possibility of introducing employees to your business, you might be concerned about how you will make them feel comfortable within your workplace and how you are going to support their wellbeing. If that is the case, here are some of the steps that you should take to keep your employees comfortable at work.

Introduce Air Conditioning

woman-g093903ae2_640Workplaces and offices, in particular, are known for being incredibly stuffy and warm places, and if your workplace is too hot, you may find that your employees struggle to concentrate or that they start to fall ill. As such, you should consider introducing air conditioning to your building, especially during the summer, when offices can become heat traps. This is especially true if you have many employees working in close quarters. If you are only looking for a temporary solution to your heating problem, you should hire portable air conditioner, which can help you to make your office environment comfortable and productive throughout the warmer months of the year.

Offer Flexible Working Arrangements

To keep your employees feeling comfortable, you should also try to offer flexible working arrangements to them. For instance, you might consider creating spaces in your office design that promote both collaborative work, such as sofas and meeting rooms, and independent working, such as desks with partitions. This can then help your employees to work in the way that is best for them. You might also consider offering the option to work from home. This is especially important while the COVID-19 pandemic still rages on, with some people preferring to still stay at home. This can then also encourage employees who may have other commitments, such as family.

Create Great Policies

To enable your employees to feel comfortable, you also need to create great policies concerning health and safety, discrimination, and bullying, among other problems that could occur in the workplace. This will ensure that your employees know your stance on these issues and can rest assured that you take a no-nonsense approach to any issues that arise. This can then ensure that they do not feel unable to come to you with problems that occur, and that they know that these will be sorted as quickly as possible.

Build Your Team

people-gf5432fbf0_640Your employees also need to feel comfortable around each other and as if they are part of a team. This can be easier to achieve than you might expect. All you need to do to make your employees feel like a team is to set up activity and team-building days for your employees, or even host a few workplace parties that can give your employees the chance to socialise. This can then ensure that your employees do not feel as if they are working with strangers and can allow everyone to feel as if they have the support that they need.

You might also decide to run a buddy scheme or mentoring scheme for your employees who have just started working for your firm or whom you want to progress.