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COVID: Humans Never Learn

NEW DELHI - India - Despite the current rabid global spread of Covid, humans are in denial and expect life to return to normal.


The masses, the common human animal simply does not learn, and cannot fathom the enormity of the Covid Pandemic. It is this irascible stubborn nature of delusion and downright stupidity that the virus counts on.

“It will happen to someone else, it will not happen to me,” you say as you down another pint in an overcrowded pub with no mask or social distancing.

As you lie dying for air in a hospital car park filled with other similar cases, your tired oxygen starved mind, time slowed down, looks back on those moments and wishes you had listened and not acted in such a reckless manner.


What is happening in India now with over 5-10,000 deaths from Covid per day will happen in the UK soon enough. The Indians thought the pandemic was over, they rejoiced and partied in the streets and clubs, they had election rallys and Khumb Mellas, they opened the country up, just as the UK is doing right now.

Life as it was before December 2019 will not return but it is nay on impossible to relay this information to either the population or governments who are led by economists and big business.

The Wuhan Virus is now mutating so fast, scientists cannot keep up with the enormous amount of variations popping up all over the place. India’s double mutation Covid strain is in the UK right now, and because the masses are out and about right now it will spread. The Indian double mutation circumnavigates your body’s antibodies and currently there is no viable vaccine for this deadly strain. Input through the eyes, nose, mouth anywhere where humans come together is a serious risk to human health, anywhere and everywhere.

The virus does not care for your human rights to freedom, or political views, or fears of governmental overreach, these people rallying and protesting are deluded fools simply doing the virus’ bidding. Their ultimate doom will come, as noble as they think their protests are, the virus will continue spreading and mutating because these people are its fodder.

What does it take to save your life? Will you read this article and scoff at the ‘nonsense’ and the ‘sensationalism’ or will some ember of life-saving fear and hard truth make you change your mind?

Humans never learn — the mutating virus is counting on that…



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