The recent climate change protests in the centre of London are proof that many activists are completely deluded and ill informed to the real causes of climate change and global pollution.

The British Isles are no bigger than the state of California in the USA, and Britain’s manufacturing output in relation to pollution is negligible, especially when compared to massive countries like China, India and the USA, which produce the majority of the earth’s pollutants.

Even if Britain were to ban all motor vehicles tomorrow, and have zero emissions, the amount of pollutants pumped into the earth’s stratosphere and ocean’s by China alone would make the whole exercise redundant.

Consider that nation’s like the USA make up only 5% of the global population yet use up 60% of the earth’s resources, pumping out huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every day. The LA freeways, and their millions of cars are a necessary function for the US economy to keep moving, and the vast mining operations by US companies globally digging for precious minerals, plundering whole third world countries for their resources is something the US economy cannot live without.

The point being made here, forget about piddly Britain and your virtue signalling protests, because globally, Britain is a squirt of piss in an ocean filled with plastics when it comes to global pollution.


As if the factories spewing their poisons into the atmosphere in China, India and elsewhere do not affect our atmosphere in the UK? The oceans full of plastic, dumped chemicals and raw sewage travel across the globe all the way from China to Britain’s shores.

The reason we will never see one of these middle class virtue signalling champagne socialist climate activists in China is because that regime and country is out of their depth. These activists would be rounded up, taken away and the soles of their feet beaten until they confess to state crimes, spying and terrorism. The next morning they would find themselves in front of a Chinese military firing squad, and after their brains are blown out onto the grass, their still warm bodies would be immediately rushed to a waiting organ donor truck to be harvested for their vitals.

One thing’s for certain, Emma Thompson will not be around to save them then.