Actress Emma Thompson Brings Champagne and Caviar to Extinction Rebellion

LONDON - England - Heroic Hollywood actress and comrade of the people, Emma Thompson has stopped off in old Blighty for a bit of protest and to rally the troops.

After flying thousands of miles first class in some carbon emission nightmare 747, celebrity luvvie, Emma Thompson immediately got into her dungarees and asked her chauffeur to drive her to the Extinction Rebellion protest where middle class crusties and other socialist/Marxist ephemera are sitting in.

“Darlin, do you like my dungarees, have some champagne, it’s a Mouton Rothschild, but you wouldn’t know that would you?” Thompson quips at a crusty who hasn’t washed for six years, handing him a glass of the best.

Dungarees are a staple for champagne socialists, as it portrays an image of being of the people. The fact that Emma Thompson is staying at the Dorchester in a luxury suite, is neither here nor there.

“Would you like some caviar? You look like you have not eaten anything all day, poor darling,” the celebrity sighs, as she hands out some prime Sevruga with a little spoon.

Times are hard for the protesters and they need all they can get, so it is thankful they have such a champion on their side.

“You lot carry on, I’ve got a dinner appointment at Le Gavroche with some of my luvvie chums. Ta ta for now, see you tomorrow for some more photo ops.”