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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Former Royal Harry Procures a Job at Disneyland

ANAHEIM - USA - Former royal Harry has found a new job, this time in Disneyland, where he will be entertaining visitors to the attraction.

Inside the Newly Furnished Frogmore Cottage ‘Blinged Up’ On Orders From...

WINDSOR - England - After spending £2.4 million to furnish Frogmore Cottage on the orders of Meghan Markle, taxpayers who footed the bill have a right to know what their money was spent on.

Palace News: Archie May One Day Meet His Long Lost Brother/Sister

WINDSOR - England - There is good news from America. Apparently Archie may have a long lost brother or sister he may one day meet.

Prince Harry Reveals New Baby’s Clothes Ready and Waiting

WINDSOR - England - Da Royalez babee bin borned un-Royale foolz! Prince Harry b showin off da blingtastic Kardashian Fiddy pimpin Nu Royale muffugin babee rags n shiet! Innit!

Actress Emma Thompson Brings Champagne and Caviar to Extinction Rebellion

LONDON - England - Heroic Hollywood actress and comrade of the people, Emma Thompson has stopped off in old Blighty for a bit of protest and to rally the troops.

Grand Tour Special: Clarkson to Drive Maserati With Speedometer Limited by...

MODENA - Italy - The days of seeing Jeremy Clarkson and the other two gits speeding around roads is over as a new EU directive will force manufacturers to install speed limiters into all road vehicles.

Royal Palace: Meghan and Harry Baby Could Be Called Leroy or...

WINDSOR - England - In anticipation of the royal birthing of Meghan and Harry's baby, royal courtiers have revealed some of the names the young couple are proposing.

‘Grifters’ Remake Film Could be Modeled on Meghan Markle Says Director

LOS ANGELES - USA - On schedule, the Grifters remake in production even cites Meghan Markle's incredible rise to fame and riches as a key influence to the plot.

Why Getting a Lobotomy is the Latest Celebrity Craze

LOS ANGELES - USA - Celebrities are dumping tattoos. The latest celebrity craze is now having a lobotomy. Read the full details.

Sarah Palin Says That Ebola is a Country in Canada

ALASKA - Uttar Pradesh - Sarah Palin is back on the campaign trail and lending her worldly geographical knowledge to all and sundry.

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