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Grand Tour Special: Clarkson to Drive Maserati With Speedometer Limited by...

MODENA - Italy - The days of seeing Jeremy Clarkson and the other two gits speeding around roads is over as a new EU directive will force manufacturers to install speed limiters into all road vehicles.

Royal Palace: Meghan and Harry Baby Could Be Called Leroy or...

WINDSOR - England - In anticipation of the royal birthing of Meghan and Harry's baby, royal courtiers have revealed some of the names the young couple are proposing.

‘Grifters’ Remake Film Could be Modeled on Meghan Markle Says Director

LOS ANGELES - USA - On schedule, the Grifters remake in production even cites Meghan Markle's incredible rise to fame and riches as a key influence to the plot.

Why Getting a Lobotomy is the Latest Celebrity Craze

LOS ANGELES - USA - Celebrities are dumping tattoos. The latest celebrity craze is now having a lobotomy. Read the full details.

Sarah Palin Says That Ebola is a Country in Canada

ALASKA - Uttar Pradesh - Sarah Palin is back on the campaign trail and lending her worldly geographical knowledge to all and sundry.

Film Review: The Fappening Part Deux

LOS ANGELES - USA - Thankfully the Fappening Part Deux does not star Charlie Sheen but instead a coterie of nubile American actresses and celebrities.

Why Unknown Celebrities Are the Bane of Every Newspaper Reader

LONDON - England - Reading the news is getting even more complicated a recent research paper has revealed, as many people do not know who the celebrities are any more.

You Think Miaow Miaow’s Bad Try the Woof Woof

LONDON - England - Dangerous drug miaow miaow, which was the drug of choice last week, has a new rival drug taking the UK by storm called woof woof.

Celebrities Stop Farting to Curb Global Warming

GENEVA - Switzerland - The United Nations has welcomed bids from the world's top celebrities to stop passing wind thus ending the deadly march of 'climate change' threatening our delicate eco-system.

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