When Harry Met the In-Laws

Good news for the newborn Archie, baby spawn of Meghan and Harry, he may one day get to meet his long lost brother or sister.

“Meeting siblings after many years may sometimes be a harrowing experience, however in the long run, if things work out, it can be very rewarding,” clinical psychologist, Marie Danzac, revealed on Wednesday.

With all the grand performance of presenting Baby Sussex to the media, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have knuckled down to parenthood with quite a bang, unbeknownst to Prince Harry, his wife may already be a veteran to giving birth.

“Prince Harry knew what he was getting into already, however, he may not know everything. It is certainly rather strange that the palace never delved deep enough into the history of this actress and seasoned grifter who seems to have put a spell on the poor easily led prince,” one royal commentator quipped.