prince louis


The Duchess of Cambridge revealed the amazing news to the media a few moments ago that Prince Louis, one of the many children of William and Kate, has climbed up to the top of a slide.

The slide situated in the vast grounds of Bletchley Park is over 2 feet high.

Mother-of-three Kate, 37, spoke about her youngest child during an outing to Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, on Wednesday afternoon.


“He crawled over to the slide. Looked left, then right, then up a little, before pulling himself up the slide. Halfway there, he stopped for about a minute and looked back for approval from the crowd that had gathered. Once the applause and cheering stopped he pulled himself up approximately 4 inches to the top of the slide. If this doesn’t beat a Meghan story what will?,” Middleton yelped with delight.


The event was commemorated by a flyby of a Spitfire squadron, and a 42 gun salute.

Royal commentator, Hector Montague, suggests this amazing feat could even be immortalised in a new stamp collection by the Royal Mail.

“One has to imagine the immense pride Kate Middleton felt as well as the assembled crowd of 400 on the day when Prince Louis climbed the slide. It’s an absolutely stupendous feat for the royal. Imagine, he actually traversed the height of such a slide, and lived for his mother to tell the tale. Incredible!”

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