Daily Squib Accurately Predicted Theresa May Would Cry in 1922 Committee Showdown

LONDON - England - Toxic Theresa May, a pitiful wretch devoid of dignity, has survived another 1922 Committee meeting by crying and pleading with the men in grey suits.

There’s nothing like the sight of a blubbering female PM to make a 1922 Committee group back down from chucking you out there and then. We accurately predicted this would happen and be utilised by the PM a few weeks ago.

And so it goes on, Theresa May has survived to live another day by shedding tears at her execution party where she was effectively told to resign.

After pleading her case the cowardly PM who has no self respect anymore, or respect from her own MPs moped around the floor, a pitiful wretch of a woman with no dignity or self-esteem left in her pathetic husk teetering on her kitten heels.

This is a woman who is to blame for all the misfortune this country has endured through her laissez faire attitude of absolute apathy, complicit Remainer stance when it came to Brexit and the deliverance of democracy. She is the one who presented a deal that was effectively drafted by Merkel looking over her shoulder, and Barnier okaying it. To then present that deal was an impossible task because everyone would see through it, but she in her glorious stupidity thought that others were as stupid as her.

There should be no tears shed for this disingenuous treacherous wretch who has sought to deceive not only her own MPs, but parliament as a whole. May is only in her position because she is being bolstered by big business, who have trillions tied into the EU quagmire. They are above the law, and do not have any qualms about quashing Britain’s waning democratic process.

There will come a day when this pathetic wretch of a woman will be ousted, one way or another, however, in the interests of change, maybe it is better she stays to pollute the Conservative party further and destroy it completely.

Why should the Conservative party be destroyed? It won’t be completely eviscerated, but it does not deserve to be a party anymore, and it does not deserve to be labelled as ‘conservative’ anymore, it only deserves to be punished for not only betraying the Brexit vote, but for destroying democracy in Britain today. Mind you, the Labour party deserves to be destroyed as well but the communist population of Britain is too strong and it will unfortunately endure.

Here is a call to arms, on May 23, a vote only for the Brexit party will suffice. Something must be done about the state of politics in the UK where the system is geared more towards feudalism than democracy and parliamentary procedure is one that can be corrupted and skewed to benefit the controlling elite.

Fuck them. Fuck them all. But most of all fuck Theresa May (not literally though *vomit*)