Hundreds of Tory councillors will lose their seats next month in local elections because of Theresa May whose name is now associated with ‘betrayal’.

Conservative Associations across the country are finding that Mrs May’s name is so toxic with voters that the mere mention of the Prime Minister gets in the way of campaigning with some even showing their disgust by spitting or shouting.

On May 2 a total of 8,773 council seats will be contested across 259 councils in England and Northern Ireland. The Tories currently have control of 163 councils, Labour have 74 and the Liberal Democrats four.

Latest polling suggests the Conservatives will suffer heavy losses as voters punish them for Mrs May’s failure to deliver Brexit.

Toxic Theresa

Pollsters are now predicting the Conservatives will lose control of at least 100 councils simply because of toxic Theresa May and her role in betraying the people.

“Theresa May has taken the Tories back centuries and we will lose everything we have worked for. It is nigh on impossible to get canvassers or volunteers now. Even mentioning May’s name to voters can have violent effects, with one man headbutting a canvasser when he dared to. This is unworkable,” a Tory council worker revealed.

As predicted by the Daily Squib, because of Theresa May and her Remainer cult, who have actively deferred Brexit two times already and consorted with Jeremy Corbyn, the Tories will be thrown into the political wilderness for at least thirty years.

“What we are seeing here is a PM who does not care for her councillors, her own party, her voters, and ultimately the whole country. Theresa May is now so reviled for destroying Britain’s democracy that many people say her name when they step on a dog shit. How bad is that?” another Tory councillor who will lose his seat revealed.

Anne Hedgerow, the councillor for the Milliscombe and Trentonsplean ward, was asked four times by the BBC whether she would like to praise the Conservatives’ handling of Brexit, but would only say: “I am a Conservative candidate in the local elections and I will do the very best I can for my residents in the local elections. In other words, I’m fucked.”