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Casino Wagering Requirements – What Is It and How to Meet Them?

LAS VEGAS - USA - Learn about the wagering requirements of online casinos and how to meet them. Here are some tips to follow.

Online casinos offer a wide array of bonus offers for new and existing players. Offers surface regularly to grant players several benefits when they play online. It is a boon for any player. Online casinos provide them as a way to attract new players to sign up and deposit money. But they are also used to retain their existing members.

However, the bonuses come with some wagering requirements that you need to meet. Even the best no deposit bonus has a set of betting guidelines that must be satisfied.

But what is a wagering requirement?

It is the number of times you must play the bonus before you can withdraw your wins from the reward. Most bonuses have several conditions that you need to suffice, besides the wagering requirements. Unfortunately, some players failed to comprehend these requirements. As a result, they get frustrated and they vouch to never use the online casino again.

Wagering requirements are vital for online casinos to stay in the business. They do not just give their investment away. Players must help these casinos to thrive by fulfilling the wagering requirements.

These requirements also exist to meet the anti-money laundering regulations. Without these requirements, criminals can easily withdraw their illegal money.

How to Meet the Wagering Requirements?

The only way for you to meet the requirements is to play and use the bonus. If the casino bonus is free money, make sure to spread your bet across lucrative slot machines.

These machines typically have high minimum bets but they do give generous payouts. Playing these machines with your free money will help you meet the requirements while you win huge payout.

Then, make sure that you play the bonus on machines with several bonus features. These features will boost your chances of increasing your overall bet.

Some wagering requirements can be unreasonable. That is, they have high betting requirements and should be fulfilled within a short period. Other casinos will require you to use the bonus on limited games. In that case, you cannot choose a game that has lucrative payouts.

Hence, to avoid these frustrations, make sure to read the following tips.

Know the Guidelines Before Making a Commitment

Most bonuses have corresponding wagering requirements. Remember, though, that not all bonuses are the same.

Before you claim the bonus from a casino site, make sure to read the fine print. That is, go through its terms and conditions to know the wagering requirements of the bonus.

With enough knowledge, you can make an informed decision before you claim the bonus.

Monitor Your Progress

After knowing the wagering requirements, do not sign up yet. Instead, you must do the math first. It is just a simple mental calculation on how much you must bet to satisfy the conditions.

Consider writing it down to help you easily monitor your progress. It will also assist you in remembering how much more you need to wager so you can fulfill the guidelines without any trouble.

Check the Other Terms and Conditions

Do not just focus on the wagering requirement. Keep in mind that it is just one of the many guidelines that you need to meet before you can finally withdraw your win from the casino bonus.

The guidelines would include the time limits and games allowed. Some online casinos have a different set of guidelines for a particular casino bonus. For that reason, it is ideal that you check the general terms and conditions and the rules associated with the online casino bonus.

Finding a Wager-Free Bonus

If you do not like meeting wagering requirements, you could search online casino bonuses without any betting requirements associated with them. However, they are rare.

If you found one, the casino bonus might have some other strict guidelines that are more rigorous than the wagering requirements. Hence, it is vital to weigh your options before committing to anything.

Those wager-free casino bonuses are excellent, though. The reason for this is that you can easily withdraw your wins after they have been credited to your account.

Play Games with 100% Weighting

Some games might not contribute in full to your bonus betting requirement. Rather, they only have certain participation. Several bonuses have standard game weightings. That’s why you must read the terms of every promo to verify.

Suppose you wish to play on a slot machine that contributes $5 for every $100 bet for the wagering requirement. Now, if the betting requirement is $1000 and you bet $100, the remaining number of betting is $1,995.

That said, it is best to use the casino bonus on a game with 100% weighting. In that way, it will be easier for you to meet the requirements and withdraw your wins. Most of the Novomatic free slots online have 100% weighting. However, it still depends on the online casino that you prefer.

You must consider that casinos can set any wagering requirements as they see fit. If you cannot find any betting requirements, never assume that the casino bonus does not have a corresponding betting guideline. If you cannot find anything, contact the online casino support team to verify.

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