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Extinction Rebellion Protest is About Population Control

LONDON - England - Extinction Rebellion protesters are actually protesting about population control and how it desperately needed right now before it is too late for the planet.


The cold hard truth about the Extinction Rebellion protest in Central London is that it is about population control.

The planet cannot take this population increase anymore and something has to be done.

Extinction protesters need to lead the march to reducing the global population by sterilising themselves immediately, aborting their pregnancies and embracing euthanasia on their numbers.

Global pollution and societal misery, as well as loss of earth’s finite resources are a problem of unfettered mass breeding of humans, especially in the Third World but also concerns the West where the mass influx of globalist migratory forces have taken wind.

This unfettered mass breeding only creates misery, poverty, terrorism, war and famine. It must therefore be stopped, through any means possible. Extinction Rebellion protesters are right in bringing this problem to the fore and its need for urgency.

The median estimate for future growth sees the world population reaching 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100.


How to effectively reduce the global population?

  1. Education: Populations of humans must be educated to breed responsibly. Globally, a single or no child policy should be implemented at the most.
  2. Abortion: Women globally should be given the right to abort pregnancies and encouraged financially to do so.
  3. Sterilisation: Populations who are encouraged to sterilisation should be given financial incentives. These incentives work most in areas of extreme poverty.
  4. War: Military means of population reduction are messy and destroy the environment. This is a very effective way of reducing populations however the action must be global to really work. Conventional war is obviously preferred over complete nuclear destruction.
  5. Pandemic: Already mass swathes of Africa are infected by Ebola and AIDS, but this is not enough. There needs to be a virus that propagates quickly, lies dormant for a few weeks or months so it can be spread globally via air travel, and be so deadly that no cure is found easily for effective population reduction.
  6. Natural disaster: As effective as volcanoes and earthquakes are, they are not reliable and too infrequent.
  7. Space travel: The future may be one of interstellar travel, in that case, simply export billions of people into space to colonise other earth-like planets.


The effect of excessive population growth on economic development and social progress, impacts on internal stability in overcrowded underdeveloped countries and is a crucial statistical element to the immense problems the globe faces.

Reducing the global population will save vital finite resources, and will allow the earth’s resources to replenish naturally.


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