By ignoring over 17.8 million voters, the Tories could be out of power for over thirty years and deemed unelectable if the real Brexit is not adhered to, say a panel of political experts at the Institute of Electoral Behaviour and Political Science.

Constitutional National Crisis

“It is a certainty that if the mandated EU Referendum vote for Brexit Britain taking back control of its borders, laws and trade, as was voted for on June 23, 2016, is not delivered, then there will be a voter backlash against the Conservative government. Essentially, the people who voted for a Brexit will vote against the Conservatives, and remove the Tories condemning them to a long hiatus in the wilderness. We estimate the strength of feeling in this matter to result in a twenty to thirty year exile,” Dr. Philip Arthur, revealed.

There is certainly a threat of a vast voter backlash if there are serious capitulations to Brussels, and this would not fare well with the Conservatives for a long time.

“We have studied the data, and analysed the behavioural habits of voters concluding these results of a voter backlash. However, we have also concluded that not only could there be a backlash at the polls, but the resultant discontent could spread to mass civil disobedience and rioting for a period of thirty to forty years. This is not an exaggeration but a valid assessment of voter fury and public anguish over being betrayed and democracy circumnavigated for EU totalitarian rule.”