Goodbye Conservative Party – Cabinet Agrees Brexit Deal That Keeps Britain Tied to EU Rules and Regulations Indefinitely

LONDON - England - Former Brexiteers in Theresa May's Cabinet agree to a Soft Brexit BRINO condemning the Conservative party to lose at the next election.

And the curtain falls with an almighty flop. With the sour news that a Soft Brexit was agreed by Brexiteers in Theresa May’s Cabinet, one can only think that this is a sad day for Britain.

We liked Boris, but not any more, and as for the others like Gove, well, there is nothing left to say, apart from what a bunch of losers.

The Theresa May proposal will tie the UK to the EU laws and regulations indefinitely. Businesses and agriculture will continue to be bogged down by EU red tape and regulations costing business and the Treasury billions every year.

It is safe to also change the moniker for former Brexiteers in the Cabinet to Cowardeers, or just plain old Cowards would do the job.

We have thus witnessed the end of the Conservative party as we knew it, many will cheer, and many will be relieved at their demise, but it will leave a gap in the political sphere, especially regarding Brexit.

This is why it is time Nigel Farage comes back to either reignite UKIP or start an altogether different eurosceptic Brexit party. By bringing in a third party, the death of the Conservative party would be accelerated.

Maybe as fitting punishment, vote Corbyn at the next election. Now is the time to completely abandon the Conservatives, simply because the party are no longer what they say they are.

If you have ever voted for the Conservatives in the past, never do it again. This is a sad day for democracy in Britain.The Tories are a national disgrace, laced with traitors and yellow cowards not fit for purpose.

And for this BRINO worse off position than before with no say, the UK will shuffle off £40 Billion to the EU?