Brexit Betrayal: Daily Squib Writers Too Disgusted to Write

LONDON - England - The Brexit Betrayal of 17,410,742 voters who voted to leave the EU has disgusted us so much we can't write for a few days. Sorry.

Dear reader of one point four, please accept our sincerest apologies but the most recent Brexit betrayal by so-called Brexiteers in the Cabinet of Theresa May has left us so fucking disgusted and distraught that we may not be able to write anything for a day or so.

Brexit Betrayal of 17,410,742 voters

Usually we thrive on vitriol and anger, but this current betrayal has gone beyond any reasonable levels ever seen and some writers have even smashed their terminals.

Our Sub Sub Editor was so furious and disgusted that he threw his Commodore 64 out of the window then ran into the photocopy closet to masturbate furiously to sate his nerves.

Another writer was last seen walking down the High Street wearing nothing but a policeman’s hat.

We are drinking in the pub and this article was written on a piece of napkin then transported to an internet cafe where it was posted on the site. I have had a few drinkshhh…I am so shhhad about the whole thing….dishgushted!!!!!! Gutted!!!

Where was Borishhhh? daslm;md adskm ad pads apmd pdsa camsd;lcc  ccccc c cccdmc cxzjsrt

We’ll be in tha pub…….